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The Impact of TeamUp and Women's Sport on Young Girls

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The Impact of TeamUp and Women's Sport on Young Girls
by TeamUp News Editor - Monday, 5 March 2018, 12:17 PM

At the end of last year, we surveyed a number of teachers about the impact TeamUp has had in schools, the value of team sports and increasing the visibility of women’s sport. Check out a snapshot of the results below.

TeamUp is making an impact

Of the respondents who were signed up with TeamUp, 81% said they’d delivered at least 1-2 more hours of sport each week as a result of the initiative. These additional hours of physical activity meant 87% of responses said that a minimum of 10-49 girls have benefitted from TeamUp. Of those, 25% said that more than 100 girls have benefitted in their school.

Team sports are great for young girls

The survey revealed that 91% of people think team sports are more beneficial for young girls than individual sports. Asked why they thought this, the most common answers were that team sports offer a sense of belonging, friendship, teamwork, social skills and the ability to communicate well.

Inspirational summer of sport

From the cricket team winning the World Cup to the Lionesses reaching the semi-finals of the Euro’s, 2017 was an incredible year for women’s sport. Asked whether pupils in their school had been inspired by these achievements in women’s sport, 54% answered yes. A further 61% said their pupils were ‘likely’ or ‘very likely’ to want to play cricket following England’s World Cup triumph.

More coverage for women’s sport

Despite all the achievements, media coverage of women’s sport remains extremely low, accounting for only 7% of total sports coverage. However, the results of this survey show that there is a real appetite for women’s sport in England, with 89% saying they’d like to see more coverage of women’s sport in the media. In addition, 94% said they thought more young girls would play team sport if women’s sport was more visible.

Increased visibility would elevate our elite women’s athletes further into the public eye, providing tangible role models for young girls to look up, which 93% of teachers say would be a good thing.