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Have you heard the Buzz?

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Have you heard the Buzz?
by Imogen Talbot - Tuesday, 29 October 2019, 12:14 PM

England Netball have launched a new U11 programme called Bee Netball. It’s not about how good children are, it’s about how hard they try to Bee!

Research conducted by Youth Sport Trust shows that a whopping 89% of girls do not meet the required level of physical activity and the Department of Health found that one-third of children in the UK are overweight or obese.

In fact, a study funded by the government in 2016 found that children spend 90% less time outside playing than in the 1980s, which is less than those in prison! England Netball believes this is having a negative effect on mental health, as on average three children in every classroom have a mental health disorder such as anxiety or depression.

Bee Netball, which enables children to participate in netball, make friends and develop other key skills, such as friendship, inclusion, fair play and playing together, has been designed to combat these issues.


Bee Netball is not just a game, but a framework for children to get a great start in life through learning valuable skills including social, emotional and teamwork, all through netball.


There are so many ways in which Bee Netball can be enjoyed by your pupils;

-          In PE lessons – Bee Netball allows children in both Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 to enjoy and develop during PE lessons. The U11 framework that underpins Bee Netball, can be aligned to the National Curriculum and ensures all children can make progress at their own pace.

-          As a lunchtime or afterschool club – Bee Netball can be extended from the curriculum into great after school clubs that enable children to continue to learn the game but also start to play the game.

-          On the playground – our Bee Netball Action pack includes 90 activity cards, many of which children can organise themselves to enjoy Bee Netball activities informally on the playground.

-          Competition – Bee Netball is not only a programme that ensures children learn the game; but also a great way to play the game; be that informally with their peers or in a more competitive situation against a neighbouring school.

Kick start your Bee Netball journey by registering here to access some of the great support, resources and equipment packs available.

London schools can benefit from the following support from England Netball as part of the Wembley National Stadium Trust funding:

·       Bee Netball resources will really bring Bee Netball to life with a set of 90 activity cards as well as a series of tips, hints and schemes of work suitable for all stages of Bee Netball.

·       Coaching hours- England Netball will be offering schools the opportunity of one of our local delivery coaches to come to the school and support the delivery of a Bee netball programme lasting at least half a term. Within this offer the coach will engage and inspire your pupils whilst supporting your teachers to develop ensuring sustainability of delivery.

·       School place on the 3 hour Bee Netball workshop. This is the ultimate way to make sure your school is ready. This does not have to be a busy teacher that attends, an eager parent helper can also go along and learn all about Bee Netball as well as increasing their confidence to help deliver activities back at school.

Schools will be selected periodically based on need and intended impact of this support.

Contact to register you interest and find out more about these opportunities.