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Reward Points and Prizes

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Reward Points and Prizes
by TeamUp News Editor - Wednesday, 15 March 2017, 1:01 PM

It is really important to keep adding to your points total as only the top scoring schools will be in with a chance of winning ‘Gold prizes’! At the end of last year we introduced a new points feature. You can now earn points for tweeting @teamupengland or #TeamUp using the twitter handle assigned to your registered account!

Prizes so far

  • School attendance at an England Camp
  • Player appearances at schools
  • Equipment

Over the next couple of months the following prizes will be on offer so make sure you get your score as high as possible!!

  • Flag bearers for the ICC Women’s World Cup matches
  • Tickets to the Superleague Grand Final and ball carrier opportunity
  • Join one of the England teams in training camp for the day